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Taking an audition?  Experiencing jitters?  Stuck in a rut?

Let me help!

Performance Coaching is a service I offer to all musicans regardless of  instrument who are interested in taking their musical craft to the "peak" level.  Whatever your goals, I can help you achieve them.   I've studied principles of peak performance under notable Olympic Sports psychologists, Dr. Nate Zinsser of West Point's Center for Enhanced Performance, Dr. Ralph Vernacchia, author of Coaching Mental Excellence, and Inner Strength, and Dr. Alma Thomas, author of Power Performance for Singers.  Plus, I have many years of performing experience!  I've coached undergraduate and graduate students, colleagues, and other professionals. I can accomplish a lot with you, too.  Here's an example of what I teach:

The Four Pillars of  P.E.A.K. Performance

Prepare Well
(Anticipate) Preparation gets us used to doing things the way they work best for us. It is thinking ahead and getting ready so we are not taken by surprise.    
   Develop preparation-based confidence 
   Set goals 
   Think precision not perfection! 
   Keep time on your side! 
   Maintain your fundamentals! 
   Practice the performance- imagine “the bubble”

Enjoy the Present (Participate) 
   Play to your strengths 
   Share what you own with others 
   Step into “the bubble” 
   Judge constructively not obstructively

Always Clarify
(Meditate) Clarity often leaves us under pressure- get it back!
   Clarify any fears or anxiety- think them through 
  Fear leads to caution then to clarity then to courage 
  Keep your sense of humor & stay light-hearted!

Keep Evaluating
   Evaluate both the positive & negative aspects 
   Listen to and actually hear the compliments of others 
   Celebrate your work & be thankful!
   Remember "the bubble"

Other Topics Include:
  - Three-Stage Practicing
  - The Challenge/Skills Balance
  - Using Performance Profiles
  - Mastering the 4 "C's" of Peak Performance

I highly recommend 4 to 6 one hour sessions of personalized performance coaching to start.  Then we can continue as needed.  Remember:  I'm not a psychologist.  I just draw on many relevant and exciting principles found in Applied Sports Psychology in giving specialized coaching for musicians.  Would you like more information about this?  Please contact me.
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