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"...extremely thoughtful, thorough, and efficient in research and presentation."

Dr. Thomas P. Rohrer,
Utah State University

“The most perfect sportsmen, therefore, are the Pentathletes because in their bodies strength and speed are combined in beautiful harmony” - Aristotle
The Olympic Sport of Pentathlon encompasses five individual sports with separate competitions for men and women.  Athletes compete in pistol shooting, fencing, swimming, riding and cross-country running.  Points are awarded for each event and the athlete with the highest combined point total is awarded the Gold Medal.

The Trumpet Player's Pentathlon encompasses the following five individual aspects of technique that we must work on each day: 

1. Long or Slow Tones -  to help define and refine concept of sound

2. Lip Slurs -
                    to strengthen muscles and increase their flexibility

3. Scales/Arpeggios -      to learn the building blocks of music

4. Articulation -             to develop techniques of note pronounciation & emphasis

5. Intervals -                    to strengthen muscles and build a confident approach

These combine to create the overall technical mastery necessary for us to become competent musicians who perform with ease and expression.  Therefore, I tailor my approach to each student around The Trumpet Player's Pentathlon, choosing appropriate materials from a variety of sources.  The reward for our efforts is the musical connection where our skill to perform does not hinder our will to perform.  For musicians, this is like winning a  "Gold Medal!" We've become independently competent (and confident) musicians!

In order to keep this from being "wooden", I use as much solo literature as possible.  This helps incorporate each technical aspect into the whole musician.  Additionally, I encourage a lot of public performance to refine and develop polished performers.  Are you interested? 
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